Endeavour Ventures

We work with outstanding teams that have an exceptional idea to help them bring those ideas to market.

Endeavour Ventures is sector agnostic because opportunities could appear anywhere.

We help seed to series-A companies that are based in Southeast Asia.

Endeavour Ventures is actively looking to invest in the equity of companies that are building the infrastructure for the crypto economy.

What we’re looking for



    We’re looking for interesting ideas that have the ability to scale. We’ve listed a few of the themes that we look at below but are willing to look at any sector.



    We’re looking for humble and teachable founders. We aim to work with entrepreneurs for a while before making an investment so we can ensure that there’s an alignment of values. We’re looking for complimentary skills within the founding team - a good mix of business, technical, and product capabilities.



    We’re not going to beat entrepreneurs down on the valuation, we’re looking for a fair valuation that gives the company enough capital to scale for 18 months while not diluting the founders excessively. We’re looking to invest in companies before they get to their series A round.

    Disruptive Factors

    Disruptive Factors

    We’re looking for the new new thing, the thing that hasn’t been done before, the thing that leverages new and emerging technologies. We want to invest in emerging technologies and prefer new ideas to replicating things that have worked in other geographies.



    We don’t want to be a passive investor, there are a number of people out there that are willing to write cheques. We want to be confident that we’re able to add-value to the venture and play some role in its success.

Areas of Focus

Endeavour Ventures is sector agnostic because opportunities could appear anywhere.

  • FinTech

    Complicated internal politics, increasing innovation and legacy infrastructure mean there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to create Financial Technology solutions.

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  • The Crypto Economy

    Crypto-economics will be as powerful a driver of change as the internet has been. Endeavour Ventures will be at the forefront of the industry in Asia with the networks to invest in and help develop these protocols.

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  • E-Sports & Gaming

    New and emerging business models combined with an increasing propensity to spend on games, means that prize pools for E-Sports are outgrowing the prize pools for traditional sports. Growing spending and new technologies combined with faster compute power will cause an avalanche of innovation in computer gaming.

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  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

    Life is becoming increasingly complex. To make sense of the clutter and take advantage of the growing data points, new tools are needed. Applications that create actionable insights from the cresting tidal wave of data will become must-haves for all sizes of businesses.

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  • Ideas are cheap, execution is everything

    Chris Sacca

The Crypto Economy

Endeavour Ventures believes that crypto-economics could be as powerful a driver of change as the internet has been. We will be at the forefront of the industry in Asia with the networks to invest in and help develop these protocols.
    • For institutional funds to be able to invest in the crypto-economy, the infrastructure needs to develop further. Some early movers have benefitted from offering basic services to the crypto-economy e.g. wallets, fiat on-ramp, vanilla and derivative exchanges.
    • There is a need for custodians, brokers and origination platforms amongst other solutions to develop before we see institutional buy-in.
    • The economics will be centralized as the infrastructure is built out, we’ll be investing in this first stage through traditional equity structures
    • Currently security tokens are subject to the same rules and regulations as equity offerings so there is limited reason to want to utilize them over traditional equity.
    • Security tokens have additional benefits over traditional equity such as: 24/7 markets, fractional ownership, rapid settlement, reduction in direct costs (capital tables automatically maintained), automated compliance, and the ability to utilize smart contracts.
    • We believe that assets, which have typically been in the realm of equity investments will be tokenized.
    • There are limited applications of new protocols that have been created to date with crypto-currencies. So far we’ve seen promising projects in sharing file storage, sharing compute power, ensuring ticket authenticity, flipping centralized marketing models, rewarding peer producers, transferring digital rights, and enabling identity verification, amongst other things.
    • There hasn’t been any agreement on the most appropriate way to value these networks. The hype combined with Metcalfe’s law has made the market a moving feast.

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