Cheaper Compute Power

As compute power increases and prices are reduced, applications that can draw observations from massive amounts of uncategorized data are being created.

Self-learning systems will enable people to make sense of the tangled mess of data to solve existing problems in a novel way.

Rapidly Increasing Amounts of Data

90% of the data that has ever been created has been created in the last two years. Companies need to make sense of the ever-increasing data or they won’t be able to compete.

The current solutions in the market are reliant on either adopting an enterprise size solution or having an in-house data science team.

Position + Timing = Opportunity

Intellectual property protections and a diverse workforce mean that Singapore is well positioned to combine the break-throughs in English and Chinese research into AI applications.

Solutions that offer easy-to-digest conclusions from existing data sources will be able to find niches to service.